A webcam on Ischia

A room with a view? Where do you find a view with gives the same thrills, the same feelings. On the right hand you see the picture from our webcam right now. We challenge you to find the same feeling of awe, wonder and, yes, emotion.
The emotion that will soar in those who has been our guest and remembers our dream island.
Ischia is a land blessed by the gods also for its climate, which almost always gives its guests a clear day. But sometimes, even in Ischia, rain happens and, believe it or not, any given day, after sunset, the darkness of the night hides its beauty.
If the image in real time that you see on the right is not perfectly clear, we have kept one for you, in an afternoon shooting in May. There is also a time-lapse video. We struggled a bit to find a cloudy day (clear sky is always beautiful, but rather boring on video).