These are us, we are many, each with his task. We’re all committed to make your stay in Ischia pleasant and unique. Starting from the left:
Alessandra, working at the pools along with Michele and Alfredo. Do not dare to say that we don’t care to keep clear the water in our pools!

The purple sweater belongs to Pasquale, the director, the supreme chief. At his side there is Giovanni whose look makes rather clear his prominent career career as a chef. Further to the right there is Franco, who cares about supplies.

Then there are the receptionists: Massimo, with a dark shirt that perhaps betrays his habit to cover the night shift, Miriam and Nino, the supervisor of the reception department, who will ensure your smooth arrivals and departures. The last on the right is Tiziana, she has to take care of the administrative stuff.

The kitchen is group is rather crowded, isn’t it? We care a lot about our restaurant: Liliana has the delicate task of making pots and pans shining as stars, Alfredo is the first Chef, Antonio is the assistant Chef and Edmond completes the cooking team.

In the restaurant, there are three bold young men who care to serve you and to satisfy your needs and little quirks as well: Filippo is the “chef de rang”, Pasquale, is the head waiter and Matteo is his assistant.

On the right are the two ladies who care to keep your room neat and tidy: Carmela and Angela.
We’re so many, aren’t we? Yet there’s still someone missing. Maybe because they are a bit shy or perhaps because they working to make your stay more enjoyable.